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Our company was founded in 1987 by Paweł Sarba and Sławomir Pogorzelski. From the beginning, we have focused on services adapted to our clients' requirements based on their documentation or models. Firstly, we mainly specialised in the production of precision turned and milled parts (steel, colourful metals, plastic materials). We then enlarged our offer of thermal treatment, plastic treatment and welding. At the moment, we also propose our own constructions.

Kościelna 4 Dąbrówka Wielka
95-100 Zgierz
woj. łódzkie
tel.: +48 42 717 80 09
fax: +48 42 717 80 79
e-mail: mail2sapo@yahoo.com

Contact: tel.: 0+48 42 717 80 09 , e-mail: mail2sapo@yahoo.com